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Trustworthy Family Law Attorneys Mediate Divorce in Kalamazoo

Knowledgeable assistance for clients dissolving their marriage cooperatively

Divorce is often an adversarial process, and in many instances that’s entirely appropriate. However, when couples are willing to be transparent with one another and settle their issues in a civil manner, a mediated settlement is possible and preferable. At Rex Brueggemann P.C., our divorce attorneys are also trained and experienced divorce mediators. We draw on more than 55 years of combined family law experience to make the process easier and to deliver positive results. If you and your spouse are candidates for mediation, we can guide you to a mutually beneficial agreement that saves you time, stress, and expense.

Using mediation to obtain an uncontested divorce in Michigan

When you ask the court to decide the terms of your divorce, you subject yourself to the many inconveniences and expenses of the court system. Your case can only move forward as fast as the crowded court calendar allows, and you must pay all of the costs of a trial. You also risk an adverse ruling on issues that are very important to your future: alimony, child custody, child support, and the division of your marital property.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to trial, and mediation has proven to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods available. In mediation, the parties to the divorce meet with a neutral third party who moderates the discussion on their various issues and guides them toward an acceptable compromise. There are many advantages to mediation for divorce:

  • Control over the schedule — You can schedule mediation sessions whenever you and your spouse are available, so you can proceed at your own pace.
  • Lower costs — Rather than paying for two attorneys to negotiate an agreement or fight in court, you and your spouse meet with a single mediator and split the costs.
  • Cooperation — As a cooperative exercise, mediation is less stressful than an adversarial trial. The cooperative nature of mediation is especially helpful for parents, who must move beyond the pain and resentment of their divorce to raise their children cooperatively.
  • Control over the outcome — You don’t have to sign a mediated agreement you can’t live with. In mediation, talks continue until you reach a manageable solution or you’ve reached a permanent impasse. On the other hand, when you go to court, you risk having a judge who knows far less about you and your family making a decision against your interests.

There are limits, of course, to what mediation can achieve. First, the mediator is neutral and cannot give legal advice to either party. Therefore, it’s helpful to consult with your own attorney between mediation sessions and to run any marital agreement past your attorney before committing to it. Mediation is also not appropriate for couples where there is a history of abuse or where either party cannot be trusted to be transparent.

However, if you and your spouse retain some level of trust and are willing to put your feelings aside, you may be able to negotiate a complete marital settlement. If mediation falls short of the complete goal, you may still have settled some of your important issues, leaving fewer for the court to decide.

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At Rex Brueggemann P.C., our divorce attorneys are also trained and experienced family law mediators. If you want to save time, stress, and expense on your divorce, call us at 269-220-7300 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our office is conveniently located at 4021 W. Main Street, Suite 400, Kalamazoo, MI 49006.

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